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What is Flamenco?

Duo performance of Andrea Lippai and Zsófia Pirók. They explain what is flamenco, where it comes from, and many interesting details about this art through an interactive show with projection. Audience get to be involved by humour and dance. 60 mins.

Is it an ancient tradition or a form of modern art? Is it a contemporary genre, a popular dance for entertainment or a musical ballad? Does it bring emotions or stories to life? Which people have been shaping this cultural phenomenon? Is it ritual Spanish folklore or a constantly changing form of performance? Does it have strict rules or is it an improvisation technique? Who created it, how was it created? Does it display the virtuosic rhythms of Europe or of the Orient? Discover the “harmony of opposites” in flamenco and the answers to these questions during this unique dance performance.

Photos about the show