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Suspiros - Sighs

Flamenco co-production with Hungarian and Spanish artists, in the spirit Eastern philosophy.
The Premiere by Zsófia Pirók was sponsored by the Fülöp Viktor Dance Grant
Photo Galery about the premiere Interview with Zsófia about the creation process

All life starts with breathing in, and all spirits expire in the end.
Everything around us is breathing. Trees, greenery, instruments, the Earth, materials, our skins … the whole world is breathing! This pulsation, this rhythm, these palpitations, this yin and yang infiltrates everything. As soon as we create something, we also create its opposite. This is why extremities are never good and this is why extremities can never work. For as soon as they are created, their opposite poles come into life; whether these are political or artistic movements, historical eras or natural forces. To put it simply: everything around us aspires to be in balance. This wonderful phenomenon works even when we do not want it to. It is impossible to avoid, as we are born with a pre-determined code. ‘Something’ created us thus, something which we are also made of. The proof of this is that since the dawn of time through personal fate, across all continents, cultures, human races; everybody’s internal rhythm is exactly the same. Everybody has a beating heart and everybody wants to be happy. During our lifetime we all experience sadness, the loss of a loved one, romance, love, trust, despair, restart, freedom from cares, the passing of time, etc. This cycle of emotions starts over and over again with every single human life. Over and over again. This piece depicts these moments, the sighs of life.

Flamenco vocals: Cristina Soler (Huelva, ES)
Flamenco guitar: Juan José Bando (Sevilla, ES)
Percussion: Gergely Tar (Budapest, HU)
Violin: Edina Szirtes "Mókus" (Budapest, HU)
Dance, choreography, original idea, director: Zsófia Pirók

60 - 70 minutes, no break

Sponsored by the Spanish Embassy, Cervantes Institute of Budapest, Local government of Solymár.
29. April | Zalaegerszeg, HU | Városi Hangversenyterem | Photos
30. April | Solymár, HU | Apáczai Csere János Cultural Center
05. May | Pécs, HU | Zsolnay Kulturális Negyed | Photos
07. May | Miskolc, HU | Művészetek Háza - House of Arts
08. May | Keszthely, HU | Balaton Színház
​09. May | Budafok, HU | Klauzál Ház
10. May | Budapest, HU | National Dance Theatre of Hungary
20. June | Győr, HU | XI. Internationl Hungarian Dance Festival

30. Oct. | Budapest, HU | National Dance Theatre

Spnsored by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary
30. April | Hódmezővásárhely, HU | Bessenyei Ferenc Műv.Közp.
02. May Budapest, HU | CENTRÁL Theatre
03. May | Budapest, HU | Workshop with the artists
04. May | Budapest, HU | Workshop with the artists
05. May | Budapest, HU | Babel Sounds
06. May | Debrecen, HU | Kölcsey Központ | Photos
07. May | Vienna, AU | Lalish Theatre Labor
08. May | Vienna, AU | Workshop with the artists
29. Oct 
| Budapest, HU | National Theatre of Hungary - Stage Gobbi Hilda
30. Oct. | Mosonmagyaróvár, HU | Flesch Központ
05. Nov. | Erfurt, DE | 5. International Dance Theatre Festival