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Mother and Daughter

Mother and Daughter

The greatest joy for a mother is to see her calling continued in her daughter. Nevertheless, it is alarming and disheartening to realize how short our ephemeral art is. The beloved calling, the ART OF DANCE – FLAMENCO –, which is capable of enchanting, uniting different nations with its spellbinding power, captivates everyone. The pulsating RHYTHM the suggestive presence of EMOTIONS has a grip on the dancer and the audience alike with its sweeping energy.
Karma is eternal. DANCE IS JOY!

Music: Musitions of the FlamenCorazónArte Dance Theatre
Dancers: Dancers of the FlamenCorazónArte Dance Theatre
Solos dance, coreography, direction: Andrea Lippai, Zsófia Pirók

Technical requirements:
Stage: Wood based (without gaps and strings) Minimum 6x5m.
Sound: 4 acoustic microphones, 2 unidirectional mocrophones, 4 monitors
Lighting: possibility to create different environments, mix colors
Accessories: 3 chairs without arms, possibility to change quickly next to the stage (wings)

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