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Flamenco Spring

Flamenco Seasons Part 1.
Flamenco Spring

Flamenco Spring is the awakening of Life in the language of dance and music. It is the joyous welcoming of the arrival of spring, which can also be found in the songs of different peoples. Flamenco is an eternally renascent genre, which is an inexhaustible source of exciting new encounters. This is why from its originally hidden world it has managed to become one of the most popular art forms for audiences. Life itself is constant recommencement. We wish to refill those who want it with new energies, with this effervescent, feminine and fresh performance radiating the joy of life.

Multimedia: Pirók Zsófia
Choreography, direction and solo dances: Lippai Andrea, Pirók Zsófia
Dancers: Szabolcs Lengyel "Micsi" and the FlamenCorazonArte Dance Theatre

Form the performance:

Making off: