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The value of flamenco was acknowledged when it was declared
UNESCO in 2011.

„Flamenco is not only a dance, it is also an artistic means of expression which uses the language of music, dance and singing. It is a way of life that was and is still formed by the encounter between different cultures, and the symbiosis of people with different habits and religions. It carries on changing and developing, since it is a boundlessly receptive genre. It is so complex that it can never be learnt completely. Its technique needs such skill and practice that sometimes it is called the king of dances, along with its sophisticated guitar artistry.

Everyone can personalize the assimilated techniques according to his/her style and character and can fulfil him/herself in it. Its secret is that if we can apply it as if it were a language,  an enchanting relation is born between the musician and dancer, a kind of conversation via the language of our soul. If this happens,  the dancer is not dancing  to music with a constant rhythm but rules  it  instead, and the music breathes like the public.

My aim is not only dance-focused, I would love to transmit my thoughts in a way that everyone can understand independently from language, by using what for me is the most expressive art form, with other artists for whom flamenco is not only a job but their very life.”

Zsófia Pirók