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Zsófia Pirók and the Melodica Project

The performance entitled Flamenco Dance Melodies is a fusion of various musical styles and flamenco, in which Zsófia Pirók and the excellent musicians of the Melodica Project create a unique genre. Melodica Project plays popular pieces by classical composers such as Bach, Piazzolla or Bartók. Their approach to music is unique, using specific instruments (guitar, piano, melodica, percussion). Great styles, such as popular jazz, reggae, or tango tunes are revived through their contemporary re-interpretation within choreographies rooted in flamenco. The inexhaustible rich rhythms of flamenco take us on exciting journeys with the inclusion of any other genre. This production is not only unique in Hungary, as this creative approach is entirely new.

The youthful, energetic performers in the Melodica Project want to present the connections between classical music and other musical genres, which aim to project traditional values while accomplishing complete musical freedom. This includes Zsófia Pirók, who is the only non-Spanish graduate of the over 100-year-old Conservatorio Profesional de Danza institution in Seville, where she soaked up this authentic attitude to life, bringing a new approach to Hungarian dance, which was recognised this year with the “Career-starter dancer of the year” award. With her energetic dancing and fresh ideas, she found her partners in the Melodica Project through their shared artistic statement.

Become a part of the birth of a new genre, which we like to call a dance concert, because here the dancer is a dancer, a musician and a conductor at once!

Melodica Project, Winner of the Viewer’s Choice Award at the SAVVY Chamber Music Competition in the United States
Antal Gábor - melodica/piano
Katalin Csernus - guitar
Pálint Pödör - percussion

Solo dance, choreography:
Zsófia Pirók, The best career-starter dancer of the season award

Guest artist:
Andrea Lippai, Harangozó Gyula award winner, holder of the Cross of Distinction of the Republic, distinguished dance artist