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Colors of Woman

Colors of Woman

Is a Woman a mother or a lover?
A loving mother or perhaps an eternal passion?
Maybe an eternal mother and a passionate lover?
An intimate, embracing arm or a soulless gossip?
Moody or trustworthy?
Constant or changeable?
Or a constant change?
Scarlet of a sensitive flower?
Yellow of a merciless tigress? 
Blush red?
Day-dreamer, sentimental, roaming green?
Or blue which travels the sky and stares at the Sun?
Brown which looks into your eyes and offers you safety?
Romantic, excessive, childish, joyful pink?
Ochre, turquoise, emerald or purple --- a glimmering rainbow.

Flamenco singer: Eva Piñero Mesa
Flamenco guitar: Juan José Bando
Percussion, cajón: Sergio Fernández
Invated artist: Lippai Andrea

Technical requirements:
Stage: Wood based (without gaps and strings) Minimum 6x5m.
Sound: 4 acoustic microphones, 2 unidirectional mocrophones, 4 monitors
Lighting: possibility to create different environments, mix colors
Accessories: 3 chairs without arms, possibility to change quickly next to the stage (wings)

Photo Gallery

Colors of Woman - hír TV (Hungarian channel)